Champion Askin in big fight furore

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Matty Askin's management team are to lodge an official complaint to the British Boxing Board Of Control against Lawrence Bennett for his actions on a chaotic night at York, Bethnal Green when the St Annes fighter careered out of the ring along with his rival and had to be stretchered to the dressing-room.

The Askin camp have accused Bennett of deliberately shoving him to the floor of the arena in a controversial and bizarre first round of their English cruiserweight title clash in the capital.

Askin was later ferried to the Royal London Hospital to be checked over - his injuries were described as severe bruising to the ribs and back, and he was released.

A further worrying development occurred within seconds of the fight being called off and declared a 'technical draw.'

Some fans described as Askin supporters got into the ring in an apparent attempt to try and confront Bennett.

The challenger, from Swindon,who had also fallen through the ropes as the pair tangled but got back into the ring, had to be ushered away to the safe haven of the dressing-room by security-men.

Askin fumed: "Bennett bulldozed me through the ropes.

"He was wrestling me down after I landed on a table, which broke and I landed five feet away from the ring.

"Bennett is an idiot.

"My ribs and back were badly bruised. I am ok, though I did have some difficulty breathing."

Askin retained his title after the contest was declared a draw, but repercussions could well follow in light of the champion's complaint.

The Askin team may even ask for the decision be changed and for Bennett to be disqualified, though Askin himself said: "I am not concerned about any disqualification. I would rather have it settled where it should be in the ring."

Paul Speak, Askin's manager, said: "They went through the ropes and Bennett pushed Matty further down and on to a table and he lands on his back.

"We have witnesses who have said that Bennett's behaviour was not acceptable from a professional boxer.

"On Monday morning, I am planning to make a complaint to the British Boxing Board Of Control about Bennett's behaviour.

"It was not easy in all the chaos to see what was going on, but we have spoken to witnesses that Matty was pushed out on to the floor.

"Matty landed on his back and hurt his ribs.

"While I was going with Matty to hospital, his trainer Michael Jennings was speaking to the British Boxing board steward at ringside.

"We will be contacting the Boxing Board to try and get the decision changed and for Bennett to be disqualified."

Bennett, meanwhile, is demanding a re-match.

He told the Swindon Advertiser: "We'll get that re-match. I'm mandatory - he can't dodge me. I want that fight.

"I know that I hurt him - every shot that I hit him, you could see he did not want it.

"I'm not sure why he didn't get up off the floor.

"If he is injured, hopefully he is well.

"But I know as soon as I hit him, he did not want it anymore."

The video of the fight shows the pair falling through the ropes.

At one stage referee Shaun Lester is seen pulling at Bennett's legs in an attempt to heave him back into the ring - once Bennett is on top of the champion as the pair are prone on the table, there is a case for saying that he is seen forcing Askin further down as he is pinned on top of him.