Cats targeted by air gun attacker

Janine Rider with two of her injured cats.
Janine Rider with two of her injured cats.
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PET owners were today warned to be vigilant after a spate of attacks on cats.

Investigations are under way after animals were shot at in Blackpool’s North Shore and South Shore.

Two cat-lovers have had to endure the loss of their pets after vets were unable to save them from their injuries.

Janine Rider, of Cocker Street, North Shore, said her cat Roxy was killed two months ago after it was shot by someone with an air rifle.

Then last week, another of her cats Kiki came home injured. When vets operated they found an air gun pellet.

This week she discovered another of her pets, Socks, had also been shot at.

Thankfully Kiki and Socks are recovering from their ordeals.

Mrs Rider said: “It seems someone is taking pot shots at my cats. Kiki is a three-legged cat, so life is already difficult enough for her without this happening.

“I have got six cats altogether and now I am too scared to let them out in case something else happens to them.

“Now I want to warn other pet owners to be vigilant in case this happens to their animals.”

Lancashire Police has launched an investigation.

Meanwhile, vets had to put a cat to sleep after it was shot in South Shore.

Inspectors from the RSPCA were called to Hemmingway on Sunday when a domestic short-haired cat was found stuck between two fence panels. The animal had been shot by an air rifle in its back and could not be saved.

Nick Williams, an inspector from the RSPCA, said: “The cat was clearly badly injured and unfortunately it had to be put to sleep because of the injuries caused by the pellet.

“The cat was in quite a bad state and it couldn’t stand up unaided.”

The RSPCA nationally deals with hundreds of reports of air gun incidents on animals each year with cats the most frequent victims, although dogs, birds and wildlife have also been injured.

The number of attacks tend to increase during the summer. Anyone with information about any of these attack can call the RSPCA on (0300) 123 4999.

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