Cats abandoned with note saying ‘please take care of us’

RSPCA officer Carl Larsson and Rob Cheetham with the abandoned kittens
RSPCA officer Carl Larsson and Rob Cheetham with the abandoned kittens
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When Rob Cheetham’s wife went into their back garden she was not expecting to see kittens.

But that’s exactly what happened on Wednesday, when she found the abandoned creatures along with a note that read: “Please take care of us.”

Two of the abandoned kittens

Two of the abandoned kittens

The three healthy females were dumped inside a hold-all bag outside their Albion Avenue home, where they were discovered by his wife Lisa, 34.

Dad-of-three Rob, 53, said: “My wife noticed it when she went to put some bottles in the bottle bin. She said ‘there’s a bag out here’ and I asked her what was in it and she said ‘cats’. I thought she was having me on at first.

“It’s a good thing she went out to the bins when she did, otherwise they could have been out there all day.”

Rob, who owns two cats of his own, took the cats inside, where he shut them in an upstairs bathroom while the family waited for RSPCA officers to arrive.

He said: “I didn’t know if they had fleas or diseases, so I thought if I shut them in the bathroom I could just hose it down afterwards.”

A poorly-written note left with the cats read: “Please take of us. You have a nice place and you must like animals as we see (a) cat flap. We always live indoors and are house trained.”

RSPCA inspector Carl Larsson, who attended the scene, said it was not unusual for people to abandon kittens, as female cats who are not neutered are likely to get pregnant.

He said: “It’s a familiar situation where we are seeing kittens being dumped outside vets and RSPCA centres and even out in the woods.

“If you’ve got a female cat that is not neutered, chances are you’re going to end up with a litter of kittens that aren’t quite as easy toget rid of as you think. There’s an overpopulation of kittens in Blackpool.

“In a few months we will be inundated with unwanted kittens that we have to hand-rear.

“That’s why we’re encouraging people to have their cats neutered.”

Rob added: “If I didn’t have two cats of my own I would have happily taken them in.”