Cat abandoned inside carrier could be stolen

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A cat shelter has appealed for the owner of a young black-and-white cat to come forward after it was found abandoned outside a Bispham chip shop.

Staff at Tender Paws cat rescue on Lytham Road fear the male cat may have been stolen and then dumped in a purple cat carrier.

Liam Richards, member of staff at tender Paws, said: “We got called out on Thursday night to an abandoned cat that was found in a cat carrier on Red Bank Road.

“We have gone out to scan it for a microchip, unfortunately it wasn’t chipped so we had to bring it into the rescue.

“He has got a blue collar.

“We think it has been abandoned.

“We want to try and find the owners in case he has been stolen, because that’s always a possibility.

“He looks quite young, possibly about one-year-old or even younger.

“He’s friendly but obviuosly scared at the moment.”

If you have lost a black-and-white male cat with a blue collar, call Tender Paws on 07984 402 347.

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