Caring driver wins praise for kindness

Bus driver Ian McMillan helped an elderly passenger when she became confused and asked to be driven to South Wales
Bus driver Ian McMillan helped an elderly passenger when she became confused and asked to be driven to South Wales
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A Blackpool Transport bus driver who abandoned his bus route to help a passenger in need has been praised by the public.

Ian McMillan was driving the number seven bus from Lytham to Blackpool at around 9.30pm last Friday when an elderly woman boarded and asked to be taken to an address in South Wales.

Ian halted his service to alert the authorities and comforted the woman, who had become upset, until help arrived.

Danny Patrick, 35, who was a passenger on the bus and witnessed Ian’s kindness, said: “I think it was very thoughtful and considerate of him.

“He wasn’t getting frustrated as often people can.

“He really treated her like a human being and didn’t just see her as a medical condition and it was quite touching to watch.

“We were delayed but it didn’t matter because we were part of something more important which was getting the old lady home so she wasn’t wandering the streets, which she might have been otherwise.

“He did what he did to make sure she got home safe, which is what anybody would want for their elderly relative.”

Ian’s good deeds didn’t stop there however, as he now hopes to organise a charity golfing event with the help of Blackpool Transport to raise money for the Alzheimer’s Society.

A social media post written by Danny thanking Ian for his actions has been shared more than 600 times, with members of the public offering their own praise.

Alison Pinecone Heaton said: “Good to hear a nice story about bus drivers for a change!

“They don’t usually get a good press.”

Shirley Wilkinson said: “Brilliant; the bus driver should get some kind of recognition from Blackpool Transport for his compassion shown to the lady.”

Jane Cole, managing director at Blackpool Transport, said: “I was delighted in the way Ian had dealt with the customer.

“We pride ourselves very highly on our disability awareness training here at Blackpool Transport because we use a model which involved bringing disabled people in to talk about how they are treated by companies.

“He is highly trained and he has not let the company down.

“The lady was so reassured and comforted by Ian and I know her family appreciate that he managed to get her back to them safe.”