Carers turn sleuths to save man’s life

Care workers  Georgie Stagg (left) and Sophie Kirby outside the Elk View Extra Care Scheme in Bispham.
Care workers Georgie Stagg (left) and Sophie Kirby outside the Elk View Extra Care Scheme in Bispham.
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QUICK-thinking care workers were today hailed heroes after turning detective to save a man’s life.

When Sophie King and Georgie Stagg found a trail of blood running through the Elk View Extra Care Scheme on Bispham’s Ashfield Road they traced it to the home of one of their regular local bingo players – and alerted police and paramedics.

And now they have been praised by their bosses after their prompt actions meant the man – who was suffering from a burst ulcer and gangrene – survived.

Sophie, 23, said: “There was quite a lot of blood, the blood started inside the centre and then he had gone outside.

“He had come to play bingo that night but he left before we found the blood. I think he had panicked and left without telling anyone.

“We asked for advice and one of our residents followed the blood. The man didn’t answer his door so the tenant came back and we phoned the ambulance and then the police, who broke in.”

Sophie’s colleague, 21-year-old Georgie, said: “The police told us the man may lose his foot, but we had saved his life.”

The drama unfolded at around 7pm on September 4, and police found the man unconscious when they forced their way into his Bispham house.

But thanks to Sophie and Georgie’s quick-thinking the man was rushed to hospital and is now back on his feet – and back playing bingo.

Sophie added: “He is still coming in and he still has his foot – they managed to save it.

“He is very quiet and would never approach us and say thank you but I think he is appreciative of what we did.”

Team leader Sarah Stott advised Sophie and Georgie over the phone, but said she was very proud of the way they had handled the situation.

She said: “They are not big on bigging themselves up but I’m proud of the way they handled it. They did the right thing. They showed initiative and common sense and kept everyone calm.”

Elk View is owned by care company Sevacare, and the pair’s life-saving actions have earned them praise from the very top.

Sevacare chief executive Roger Booker said: “We are really proud of the way Sophie and Georgie reacted. They showed tremendous care and dedication in solving this mystery and in helping this man.

“There is little doubt that if they hadn’t been so conscientious the man would probably not have survived and they are to be commended.”

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