Car crashes into Blackpool cafe

Cafe crash in Blackpool
Cafe crash in Blackpool
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A BABY had a lucky escape after a car smashed into a resort cafe.

Emily Platter’s 11-month old son Mason was looking out of an upstairs window when a taxi involved in a collision with another vehicle was shunted into the front of the cafe she lives above.

Mason was knocked to the floor by the force of the smash.

Miss Platter, 20, who lives at the flat above The Cosy Cafe on York Street, Blackpool, said: “There was an almighty crash and the whole property shook. I was 

“Mason likes to watch the Lights so he had been stood by the window.

“He fell to the floor and when I ran to get him and looked out of the window we could see a taxi was sticking out of the side of the cafe downstairs.

“I was completely in shock. I didn’t even stay the night in the house because I was so shaken up.”

The cafe belongs to Emily’s parents, Paul and Jeanette North, who live nearby.

They were on the scene in minutes and couldn’t believe what they saw.

Police closed York Street and Dale Street for two hours following Friday’s accident, which happened at 7.15pm.

Council workmen were called to assess the structural damage at the property.

The brickwork has been extensively damaged and the windows at the front of the shop are bent in. The force of the collision knocked over tables and chairs inside the cafe.

The building is expected to be shut for three to four weeks while further repairs are carried out.

Mrs North added: “That is a big blow for us because it is how we make a living.

“We’ll suffer from loss of earnings.”

The driver of the taxi suffered minor injuries.