Cameras could be used in fight against litter bugs blighting resort

Cracking down on litter louts
Cracking down on litter louts
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Blackpool’s new CCTV service will be harnessed in the battle against litter bugs.

The service, which is due to be relaunched shortly using volunteers to monitor cameras, has a facility by which recorded messages can be played.

A meeting of the council’s tourism, resources and economy scrutiny committee heard one use for the system could be to warn people in the town centre against dropping litter.

Last week it was revealed town hall chiefs have linked up with charity Keep Britain Tidy to launch a five-year campaign to make Blackpool the cleanest seaside resort in the country.

Responding to questions from councillors, deputy council leader Coun Gillian Campbell said: “We don’t want people coming to Blackpool and thinking if they drop a tiny bit of litter, they are going to be fined.

“But if someone is given a warning and told to pick something up and they don’t, then they should get a fixed penalty notice.”

She added: “I went to see the new CCTV room and new voice recordings are being made and they can be used too.”

Councillors welcomed the campaign to tackle litter problems.

Coun Maxine Callow (pictured) said: “It isn’t just the visitors, it is local people as well that just drop things.

“We have problems on the roads going out of Blackpool. When people have finished their fish and chips, they just throw the rubbish out of the car window.”

Currently it costs the council around £3m a year to tidy up discarded waste including drinks cans, fast-food packaging and sweet wrappers.

It has set aside £24,500 towards developing a strategy which will also consult with people about whether they would like to see stronger enforcement action taken against litter bugs.

The campaign follows on from the success of the Lovemybeach campaign, which has seen regular litter picks by volunteers on the beach.