Calls to tackle street drinking

Calls are being made to tackle street drinking
Calls are being made to tackle street drinking
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OFF-licences are being asked to stop serving booze before breakfast as part of the battle against street drinking.

The move comes after it was revealed some problem drinkers are turning up as early as 6am to buy alcohol from stores.


Residents told a meeting of the Talbot PACT (Police and Communities Together) group that drinking was a problem in streets including Palatine Road and Reads Avenue.

Phil Dunne, chairman of the Gateway Area Forum, which covers Talbot ward, said: “I was woken at 2am in the morning when I saw a lad with a bottle of Carlsberg in his hand and he smashed my car windscreen.

“Drinking on the streets is a real problem, and they are at it at all times of the day.”

Dominic Blackburn, Blackpool community safety officer, said initiatives were being put in place to help tackle the problems.

He said: “There is a real issue around street drinking and people are acquiring alcohol early in the morning.

“We have had an issue with one off licence opening at 6am and now we have a voluntary agreement with them not to open until 8am. We are doing a lot of work with businesses on Whitegate Drive.”

Police officers said they would seize alcohol from people found drinking on the streets.

PC Guy Harrison, who is the community beat manager for Talbot ward, said: “Drinking on the streets is not something we will tolerate.

“I have taken alcohol off people today at two different locations.”