Calling all ghost hunters

Peter Smith and Jane Smith want to set up a ghost hunting club in Blackpool
Peter Smith and Jane Smith want to set up a ghost hunting club in Blackpool
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WHO you gonna call?

Blackpool’s very own ghost-hunters of course.

Husband and wife team Peter and Jane Smith are hoping to tackle the town’s ghosts and ghouls – and pop into haunted residences for a chat.

They want to set up Blackpool’s first ghost-hunting club, and are hoping like-minded individuals from across the Fylde coast will want to join them.

Mr Smith, of Lincoln Road, central Blackpool, said: “My wife and I have been ghost-hunting for a year or two. We used to go on expensive haunts but now we’re hoping to set up a club that investigates the paranormal.

“We’ve no doubt we’ll be inundated with people who want to join and hopefully we will get local people with spiritual experience.”

During their time ghost-hunting the couple have had their fair share of spooky experiences, including noises, cold spots and seances.

Mr Smith’s passion for ghost-hunting was sparked by the Living TV programme Most Haunted, and he hopes to attract club members who believe their homes could be haunted – something he has experience of.

Mr and Mrs Smith’s home has a resident poltergeist, which started to cause them trouble after they carried out renovations.

The 57-year-old said: “Our own house has got a poltergeist but we’ve suppressed it because we don’t like our spirit playing up, it’s a nuisance.

“My wife cleansed the house because things started moving around, sometimes quite violently. Twice wooden radiator covers were thrown across the floor.

“The obvious places to go (with the club) are Blackpool Pleasure Beach and the Winter Gardens, but we’re more interested in private houses with people who’ve got spirits.

“Most houses are haunted it’s just that people don’t realise it.”

According to Mr Smith, organised ghost-hunting nights can cost upwards of £35 per person, but he hopes the new club will be a way for people to experience the paranormal without having to fork out hefty sums of cash.

If you’re interested in joining contact Mr Smith on