Call to tackle fly tipper scourge

Coun Graham Cain and Coun John Jones on their walkabout of Bloomfield ward.
Coun Graham Cain and Coun John Jones on their walkabout of Bloomfield ward.
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Tackling problem parking and dumped rubbish were among the priorities raised by residents when their councillors went on a walkabout around the neighbourhood.

Coun John Jones and Coun Graham Cain toured Bloomfield ward, which they represent, to pick up on local issues.

The walkabout included Lytham Road, Lonsdale Road and Bloomfield Road, as well as some of the side streets and back alleys.

Paul Baranovsky, the owner of the Gr8 Escape Hotel in Lonsdale Road, said fly-tipping was an issue.

He added: “It’s a bad situation. It’s terrible.

“Quite a few residents just dump rubbish at the end of the road. They don’t seem to know collection dates.

“The council has left themselves short. It is bad for businesses too – it doesn’t give a good impression.”

Mary Higgins, owner of Beth’s Pantry in Lytham Road, said other issues include a growing number of empty and derelict properties making the area unsightly and a place shoppers don’t want to visit.

She added: “The biggest problem we have is lack of customers.

“We do get the fly-tipping down the back streets, but it has been better since the metal gates were installed to help keep the alleys more secure.

“The empty properties are also a factor in making the area unsightly.”

Coun John Jones, said the walkabouts were a good way of getting into the community and talking to people about everyday issues and what help we can give them.

He said: “For example, a resident had raised a problem with the parking around John Street, so this morning I’ve been down to see the issue, and will be talking with council officers to find a solution.

“Coun Cain and I are both committed to listening to 
local residents, and we will try to help solve any issues that arise, no matter how big or small.”

Coun Cain added: “Some of the community representatives for the area are really passionate about making the area as nice as possible. When they spot an issue, it gets raised with us and we make sure that it gets sorted as soon as we can.

“There’s no doubt that some issues, like weeds, graffiti and unsightly streets can crop up in various different places around the wards.

“By walking around the area and spotting them, we can make sure that they get properly reported and can be cleaned up as soon as