Button it! Jean’s great collection

IMPRESSIVE HAUL: Jean Hoyle with part of her collection of buckles, buttons and 0riental fans.
IMPRESSIVE HAUL: Jean Hoyle with part of her collection of buckles, buttons and 0riental fans.
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From Cartier to Chanel, art nouveau to Bakelite, Jean Hoyle’s collection of buttons, buckles, perfume bottles and posters, as well as oriental fans, is a must-see for fashion lovers of all ages.

As a stalwart of both the American National Button Society and the British Button Society, Jean has spent more than 40 years putting together her extensive collection and loves to talk about the history of her pieces and the fashions they were inspired by.

Jean and husband Derek were the founders of Hoyles Promotions, which holds the Lytham Vintage and Antiques Fair and is now run by their sons Shaun and Gene.

She has a regular spot at the Lytham Fair, at Lytham Assembly Rooms, which takes place the last Saturday of every month.

She will be there next on August 31.

Jean’s collection is made up of items which she has fallen in love with at conventions across the world.

Her favourite pieces in her current collection are original Japanese Satsuma buttons and buckles.

Grandmother Jean, who lives in Lytham, said: “I began collecting oriental fans over 40 years ago and then added other eye-catching items to their collection.

“I love finding special pieces at vintage fairs and sharing them and their stories with my stories with my customers.

“I have pieces based on trends from the 1700s to the current day and I love each one for different reasons.”

Jean ended up joining the American Button Society after her husband was on a plane coming back from the US, sitting next to the head of the society, just a few weeks after Jean bought her first collection of buttons.

Jean is a big fan of the Duchess of Devonshire and has a number of her collections, including a buckle from the late 19th century.

She said: “I am always amazed at how a simple outfit can be transformed by a new set of buttons or a buckle and how this has the ability to add an interesting story to someone’s outfit.”

But, despite her love of unique buttons, Jean is happy to admit she doesn’t like sewing buttons onto outfits, preferring to leave that to her customers.