Wyre town’s new road set to open

New Road across the car park in Poulton Hardhorn Road behind the Elk Pub.
New Road across the car park in Poulton Hardhorn Road behind the Elk Pub.
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Poulton is set to get a new road next week, but long suffering motorists will still have a while to wait before disruption in the town ends.

Work is set to end on the new link road between Hardhorn Road and Blackpool Old Road designed to help reduce congestion in the area.

It will allow a section of the car park to reopen on Monday which could ease the ongoing parking issues.

Drivers will be able to enter via Hardhorn Road and exit by turning right at the junction with Blackpool Old Road.

But Lancashire County Council will soon start essential road widening on Blackpool Old Road, which will then permit traffic to turn left on exiting the new road.

As a result, a section of the road, in front of the library, will be closed from Monday and a diversion will be put in place. At the same time improvements will also be carried out at Queens Square, Hardhorn Road and Ball Street.

These will include two new pedestrian crossings and the reconfiguration of bus lay-bys.

A spokesman for Wyre Council said bus companies will advise passengers of temporary bus stops to allow these improvements.

She said the new road layout and additional improvements were aimed at reducing traffic congestion around the town centre and improving air quality on Chapel Street, which is subject to a programme of initiatives to tackle pollution.

She added that there will also be improved access to Teanlowe car park, the new Booths store which is due to open in November and local businesses in and close to the town centre.

Coun Collette Birch from Wyre Council’s Tithebarn ward said: “I am delighted. We have had a real problem with air pollution in the Chapel Street area. At the Thatched House, as fast as they have been painting, it was becoming coloured again.

“We have a lot of elderly people and children walking in the area and if they have respiratory issues it can cause a serious health risk.

“Traffic going to Carleton has to go through the town centre at the moment so this will help cut that and, to a certain extent, we have become victims of our own success with the popularity of Poulton’s market it has brought more traffic into town.”

Hardhorn councillor Simon Bridge said: “When it is done it will be a massive boon to the town. Unfortunately there will be more disruption for people while the infrastructure is being improved.”

Coun Roger Berry, Wyre Council’s Neighbourhood Services and Community Safety Portfolio Holder, said: “We are delighted that the link road is due to be completed so we can then reopen the car park, but there’s quite a lot of work still to be done to make our new road system operational.

“While the nest phase is carried out there will be diversions. We know that drivers and residents have had to be very patient while all this has been going on, but it should be all worth it with improved traffic flow, improved air quality and with two new crossings which should make it easier for pedestrians. We want the work to be carried out on time so that it can all be ready for the opening of the new Booths store at the end of October.”