Would you wear this dress made of gun ball bearings?

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A dress made of unwanted items including the ball bearings from a confiscated BB gun has gone on display in Blackpool.

Youngsters from Blackpool Boys and Girls Club have created the dress as part of the Lancashire wide ‘Junk-to-Funk’ project.

The work impressed town hall chiefs enough for it to be put on show at Blackpool Council’s Bickerstaffe House offices.

Around 40 children, aged from eight to 18, who meet at The Tabini in Victory Road, Blackpool, helped create the dress over a 10 week period.

Mandy Goodman, a youth worker at Blackpool Boys and Girls Club, said: “The children are really proud of what they have achieved and taking part in the project has really helped their self esteem.

“We used all kinds of junk – even the ball bearings from a BB gun which had been confiscated some time ago.

“Jewellery was also donated by the Cats Paws charity in Layton.

“It’s great the dress is now on display for everyone to see.

“We also used it as the basis for discussions around the environment and the plastics industry.”

The dress has been previously shown at Blackpool Victoria Hospital, and at this year’s Mayor Making ceremony at Blackpool Town Hall.

It has been installed in a cabinet at Bickerstaffe House which usually displays artist Sir Peter Blake’s artwork, which has currently been moved to the town’s Grundy Art Gallery.