'Why not make parking free?': Reaction to plans to shut Blackpool roads over Christmas period

Some town centre roads will be shut over Christmas as part of a series of major projects to improve the resort
Some town centre roads will be shut over Christmas as part of a series of major projects to improve the resort

Roadworks in the town centre are set to cause disruption for Christmas shoppers for a second year running.

Blackpool Council has revealed the latest planned closures as part of a series of ongoing improvements to the resort.

A map of the planned road closures in Blackpool

A map of the planned road closures in Blackpool

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Once completed, the schemes will provide Blackpool with a new tram line, an extended shopping centre, cinema and the eagerly anticipated conference centre – traders are concerned about the impact of the roadworks on business at a key time of year.

A section of the Promenade by North Pier and Talbot Square are both due to shut on November 5 until the new year and town hall chiefs have promised a “heavily discounted” parking offer to keep shoppers coming in.

Here's what readers had to say:

Roadworks ruined businesses last Christmas and they’ve come back to do it again. I genuinely feel sorry for small business owners who rely on the Christmas period.

Sam Curtis

It’s a shame because there’s some great local businesses round that area.

Joe Codling

The problem isn’t the roadworks, it’s the dedication of the locals to actually visit these places regardless of what goes on.

Madzz Ellis

There is still only a few roads closed and these aren’t all new – they are part of an ongoing project. Last year two major bridges were closed as well and life went on as usual.

Once completed the inconvenience is soon forgotten but the benefits last for many decades. Road closures are nothing new and there will be plenty more in the future, it’s one indicator of a town being invested in and improved. The old adage “you can’t make an omelette without breaking a few eggs” is very applicable.

David Wall

Haven’t done Xmas shopping in Blackpool for years! Compare our town to Preston. Loads more shops, tons of cheap parking, easy to get in and out. This year we’re going to Liverpool, for a change.

Tracey Jayne Millward

Dreading this! My busiest time of year at work. I live in Cleveleys so the Promenade is my route to work!

Natalie Parker

Blackpool needs more shops not new five-star hotels. We don’t need road works which this council feel they have to do during busy periods. The people of Blackpool have had enough of the disruption.

Derek Robertson

When are they supposed to do it? They can’t win . If they do it in season, shop keepers kick off too. The town needs improvement.

Dave Bird

Discounted parking! It should be free for two hours all over town, to encourage shoppers.

Dennis Owen

Free parking or discounted parking won’t help self employed drivers or small businesses.

Dorothy Laycock

Why not just make parking free?

Donna Bretherton

Online shopping again this year then.

Lauren Gibbs