What a difference money makes

Blackpool business leader Steve Pye tells it like it is
Blackpool business leader Steve Pye tells it like it is
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Have you ever heard anyone say out loud “It is my money and I will spend it how and where I want, because I have earned every penny”?

There is nothing wrong with people deciding to shop out of town or online, rather than visit their local shops.

After all, it is their money.

But their decision will have a direct effect on their family, friends, neighbours or anyone they might know, who work in local retail business.

For example, lets say that a town centre shop closes with a loss of five jobs who each earn £200 per week, after tax.

That is £1,000 - per week - less to spend in other shops for food, clothes, petrol or the bus to work, or going out to bars and restaurants.

So imagine what it would be like if it was 100 people who lost their jobs, how would businesses survive if that amount of people stopped shopping locally because they had no money?

This in turn will affect small business growth, operating costs and profits.

And reduces the chances of them being able to take on more staff, so getting a job becomes even harder.

Closed business premises mean a loss of business rates to the local council that would have contributed to funding council services and jobs.

Small businesses are the lifeblood of every community. They create jobs, they pay taxes, they provide goods and services.

They need your support.

Small Business Day is on Saturday, December 7 where people are encouraged to buy from a local small business for one day.

You could try making everyday Small Business Day - your spending could make the difference to a lot of peoples lives!

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