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Suzzana and Marlen Edge with some of their donkeys.
Suzzana and Marlen Edge with some of their donkeys.
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BLACKPOOL could be sitting on a gold mine – as cheese made from donkey milk is worth a fortune – in fact, it’s the most expensive cheese in the world.

The cheese – said to be a delicacy – can sell for around £400 a pound, and tennis star Novak Djokovic loves the strange fromage so much he has bought out the entire stock from the Serbian farm which produces it to sell in his chain of restaurants in the country.

Now attention has turned to Blackpool seafront – where donkeys have delighted tourists since Victorian times. But with their cheese worth so much money, will owners change their business model?

Suzzana Edge, who runs traditional donkey tours on the seafront with her husband Marlen, was shocked when she heard how much the cheese could be worth.

She said: “It’s alright if you can make it, but donkeys don’t make much milk.

“It would take ages. A lot of effort must go in to making that cheese.

“I’d never heard of donkey’s cheese. I’m going to tell my husband to start milking them!

“We’re sat on a gold mine. We might have to rethink our business.”

John Carr, from Singleton’s Dairy, said he couldn’t believe it was worth so much money.

He added: “No-one would buy it at that price.

“I don’t think there would be much of a market for the cheese in the UK.

“It’s not something you’d have on toast.”

When asked if donkey cheese was something he would consider eating, he said: “It’s not my cup of tea, no matter what it costs. I’ve had all kinds of milk, but I don’t think I’d try donkey’s milk.”


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