Water works woes for bar

Stephen Pierre claims to have a lost a lot of business due to roadworks that were on Abingdon Street outside his bar.
Stephen Pierre claims to have a lost a lot of business due to roadworks that were on Abingdon Street outside his bar.
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A BAR boss claims he lost thousands of pounds after roadworks crippled a Blackpool street.

Owner of The Galleon bar on Abingdon Street, Stephen Pierre, was left devastated when plans for the launch of the bar’s new drinks menu stalled because of emergency pipe works which had to be carried out by United Utilities.

Work began last Monday and lasted for four days, leaving Mr Pierre unable to receive deliveries of their new real ale and lager drinks as the road was inaccessible to heavy goods vehicles.

He told The Gazette: “I appreciate a lot of work has to go on in the town and work is sometimes unavoidable, but what does upset me is a recognised company in United Utilities should have been getting the work done and a full team should have been sent instead of three workers.”

Mr Pierre claimed he lost £5,000 after the bar could only use skeleton stock and ended up running out of alcohol because of the length of time the work took, which he says could have been done earlier.

He was also concerned the authorities were unable to support both the Galleon and the other small business relying on deliveries.

He added: “There was a lack of co-operation and there was nothing to say businesses were open as usual on the street.

“It was only through networking we did on the internet to say we are still open that people came along.”

The Galleon opened in December and functions as a coffee house during the day and a bar and music venue during evenings.

Despite the huge losses, Mr Pierre remains optimistic about their chances of being a success and has urged businesses to work together.

He added: “For a small business in this climate the week was a big ‘ouch’ but we hope we can put it behind us.

“Because the Promenade has closed down there should be more talks between all the businesses and hoteliers and there should be reasoning and understanding at this time, and we should so-operate and work together.”

Polly Rouke, from United Utilities, said: “We are really sorry to everyone affected by the disruption our essential emergency work in Abingdon Street caused.

“We had to repair a burst water main which was running right across the road and which had burst a number of times recently before.

“We worked hard to get the work done as quickly as possible and did our best to maintain access to businesses.

“If the gentleman feels he has lost business we would be happy to consider his situation and he should get in touch with us.”