Villages cut off by phone repair delay

Wrea Green
Wrea Green
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Residents in Wrea Green have told how they were kept in the dark after being unable to make any telephone calls for more than 24 hours.

Some BT customers in the village could not make or receive calls from Thursday until Saturday after telephone cables were damaged.

Wrea Green resident Margaret Sanders said her 91-year-old mother-in-law was left without the ability to make phone calls for the entire day last Thursday.

The 91-year-old lives on her own and relies on the BT phone line as an emergency call system if she falls in the house.

She added: “Most of the village of Wrea Green has had its telephone lines disconnected now for more than 24 hours.

“BT gave no indication of the problem or when it is likely to be fixed.

“Villagers who contacted BT were told not to contact them again for at least 72 hours.

“My mother-in-law was also kept awake all night with the alarm beeping because the phone line was cut off.”

A spokesman for the Villa Country House on Moss Side Lane, confirmed phone lines at the hotel were down for more than 24 hours.

He added: “We were unable to make any calls on Wednesday and for part of Thursday, BT did not let us know if the problem would be fixed.”

A BT spokesman, speaking on behalf of Openreach the local network business, said: “Water seeped into a cable and cut off people’s connections in the Wrea Green area. The fault was reported to us on Friday.

“Engineers were sent in to repair the fault and everyone was back to normal on Saturday.

“It is regrettable when this type of fault happens but our engineers have worked hard to do the repairs as soon as was possible.

“If people are still having problems or they believe they have a claim for compensation they should contact their phone and broadband providers.”