Village shop in hot water over hygiene claims

McColl's on Lytham Road in Warton
McColl's on Lytham Road in Warton
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A village food store is being prosecuted over alleged breaches of hygiene regulations.

They are said to have run the risk of food being infected with toxins and failed to have a proper pest control policy, a court was told.

The McColls Retail Group outlet on Lytham Road, Warton, faces 23 allegations brought by Fylde Council.

The store is said to have kept high risk food likely to support the growth pathogenic organisms or toxins.

Further allegations claim the store marketed food which was unsafe-name “blown”ham stored at 15.9 degrees centigrade.

The owners are said to have failed to make sure food handlers were properly supervised and that the store manager was unaware of illness exclusion policies for staff.

The council also says high risk food was kept at temperatures over 8C and that there was no hot running water to clean utensils and equipment.

The store is said to have had dirt and dust on shelves and the floor. Some parts of the building’s store flooring was a safety risk.

The state of a hot dog machine and the way hot dog sausages were kept are the subject of further allegations.

There are also offences facing the company about a chest freezer,milk chiller and ice cream freezer.

The store’s record keeping and packaging and dating policies are also the subject the the case against Mc Colls.

The firm is claimed not to have informed the local authority about a change in trading name and had no adequate procedures to control pests.

District Judge Andrew Jebb sitting at Blackpool Magistrates’ Court agreed to adjourn the hearing for four weeks.