Union to discuss jobs at meeting with MP

Ben Wallace, Preston North and Wyre MP
Ben Wallace, Preston North and Wyre MP
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Union chiefs are due to meet with one of their MPs this week to discuss their calls for more jobs to be brought to the Fylde.

Organisers of the Public and Commercial Services Union (PCS) are set to hold talks with Preston North and Wyre MP Ben Wallace on Friday.

It is part of ongoing discussions they have been having with politicians about their concerns over job losses.

The Union says the Civil Service on the Fylde coast has lost more than 3,000 jobs in recent years including due to the closure of the Moorland Road site in St Annes and the transfer of the majority of workers from the DWP (Department for Work and Pensions) site at Norcross.

Duncan Griffiths, Fylde branch secretary of the PCS, said: “One of the items that we will want to discuss further with Mr Wallace is the potential impact of further devolution on jobs on the Fylde.

“At present there are benefits administered by the DWP from the Fylde and Preston that have no Scottish equivalents in terms of administration.

“Certain benefits for people in Scotland were announced to be devolved to Scotland. These are two of the ones announced.

“If and when this happens there could be significant jobs lost on the Fylde and Preston area.

“We will also discuss the job security for the members remaining at DWP Norcross, who have been privatised to Steria.”