Tremor threat from Fracking is very small

Aerial view: Cuadrilla at Preese Hall, Weeton.
Aerial view: Cuadrilla at Preese Hall, Weeton.
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A UNIVERSITY study has today concluded the earthquake threat from gas fracking for gas under fields on the Fylde is small.

Scientists at the University of Durham carried out a study of thousands of hydraulic fracturing operations globally and concluded that seismic activity had been minor.

It said although fracking, where water and chemicals are injected under pressure into shale rock to release gas for energy use, had the potential to cause tremors, they would be smaller than from other man-made 

Cuadrilla Energy halted fracking exploration in May 2011 after two tremors linked to its activites at Preese Hall, Weeton, pictured below.

But Professor Richard Davies, from Durham, said: “We have concluded that hydraulic fracturing is not a significant mechanism for inducing felt earthquakes.”

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