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Steve Pye, Fylde coast business leader
Steve Pye, Fylde coast business leader
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People of a certain age will remember Blackpool as the number one UK tourist destination up until the 1980s.

We used to have Scottish weekend and fortnight, then all the Lancashire towns would close down their factories and mills to spend a week or two in Blackpool.

Preferred travel options pre M55 motorway would be on buses to the Coliseum Bus Station and on the trains to North and South Station.

Cheaper foreign package holidays, the decline in manufacturing through three recessions, and the lack of investment into the town when it was awash with money, are part of what contributed to Blackpool’s current challenges.

Tourist related businesses closed, so the empty properties lost value because they became unused and distressed.

That in turn attracted property investors to purchase the empty accommodation establishments at significant knockdown price.

Lack of visitors meant that there was a knock-on effect on the shops and associated businesses leaving a lot of empty commercial estate around the town, again resulting in job losses and an increase in benefit claimants.

We are where we are, and are unable to change the past.

But what we can do is shape and plan the future.

How many of you readers have been involved in mentoring or volunteering to make a difference to people lives or circumstances? Why not try it out – anyone and everyone can make a contribution.

No qualifications required – just a commitment to improving someone’s life.

In 1929 after the Wall Street Crash, all political, newspaper, and religious leaders and rivals, put aside their differences and worked together to get the US out of recession.

And it worked !

So what positive ideas do we have that will make a difference here in Blackpool? It’s Valentine’s Day – lets share the business love.

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