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The 'Explore Fleetwood' signs will go up at eight locations in town, including the Marine Hall
The 'Explore Fleetwood' signs will go up at eight locations in town, including the Marine Hall
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New signs to boost a Fylde coast town’s tourism appeal by showing off the “jewels in its crown” will go up in the coming days.

It is hoped eight new maps, highlighting what Fleetwood has to offer to visitors, will promote the port and ensure it gets maximum benefit from people who stay in the area.

A major concern for the town’s traders is the fact many tourists are unaware of some of the port’s key attractions – including the market.

Now, when visitors head to the Marine Hall, the high street or Freeport, they will be directed to various other places they may not know exist.

The signs follow 12 months of discussions between Fleetwood Town Council, Wyre Council and Fleetwood Chamber of Trade, who have split the £6,000 cost.

Derek Eaton, chairman of the chamber of trade, said: “The traders are putting their money where their mouth is. We are promoting Fleetwood.

“Visitor patterns are changing so I came up with the idea of a map that shows the toilets, shops and pubs as well as the jewels in the crown of Fleetwood.”

The new maps will include an arrow to indicate where the reader is and a list of suggestions of other worthy places to visit – and how to get to there.

Coun Dave Shaw, (pictured) who sits on the town council, said: “The whole idea is to try and attract people to other parts of Fleetwood and as they walk from one place to another they might pass other businesses.”

Fleetwood Town Council chairman Alan Marsh said: “A lot of people come to Fleetwood and they don’t even know we’ve got a market or that we have the beach.

“But we’ve got the Marine Gardens, the Mount, the nautical college, Freeport – the list is endless.

“Yet people get off the bus and think ‘is this it?’

“It is not their fault they don’t know but we have got a million things to offer visitors on a day out or a long weekend.

“We are now reliant on tourism and we need to market what we have got.”

A spokesman for Wyre Council said: “The signs will be put up in the next few weeks at eight locations across Fleetwood.

“They are: the car park near the sea cadet base, the highway near the Marine Hall access road, the Knott End ferry, the tram stop opposite the library, the highway next to Cherry Tree Court on Victoria Road, the tram stop near London Street, on Fisherman Walk near to the tram stop and at Freeport shopping village.”

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