They’ve packed their trucks and gone somewhere warm

The elephants at Blackpool Zoo are benefiting from a new heating system  in their enclosure.
The elephants at Blackpool Zoo are benefiting from a new heating system in their enclosure.
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It’s a bit colder in Blackpool than their native lands...

But some of the town’s long-trunked friends are now enjoying a warmer climate in the resort after the installation of a new heating system in the elephant enclosure at Blackpool Zoo.

The system, which is also more environmentally friendly than its predecessor, has been put in place for Kate, Indra and Marcella - the three Asian elephants currently in residence at the zoo.

The zoo’s head of maintenance, Jim Christofides, believes the new system will prove beneficial for tourists and residents alike.

He said: “This is great news for the zoo as we are now operating a cost-effective system and minimising our carbon footprint. Furthermore, there has been an improvement in the temperature of the elephant house, which will be beneficial to the animals and visitors, especially with the unseasonably cold weather.”

The heating system, which stores approximately 1,200 litres of water, comprises two large boilers and fans to blow heat into the elephant house.

It was put in place in March to replace the old system, which Mr Christofides says was long outdated. The last upgrade of the elephant enclosure took place in 1993.

Mr Christofides added: “We were looking for ways to improve the efficiency of our heating system in the elephant house with a view to reducing costs and carbon footprint.

“The system was in need of a chemical clean and had become inefficient due to the condition of the internal pipes. With such an old system and because animals were in residence, we had to approach the problem with care.

“After only a short time on site, the system was fully clean, which has restored its efficiency to a very high level – all the components are back working superbly.”

Blackpool Zoo is home to more than 1,500 animals from around the world. Among the original zoo inhabitants were two Asian elephants housed in existing hangars left over from Stanley Park Aerodrome.

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