The best butties born and bread

Great British Sandwich Week at St Annes Fine Foods.  Pictured is Maggie Watson.
Great British Sandwich Week at St Annes Fine Foods. Pictured is Maggie Watson.
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Chicken and stuffing, tuna and mayo, cheese and pickle –what’s your butty of choice?

To mark National Sandwich Week we asked butty-loving munchers on the Fylde coast what their favourite fillings are.

“Prawn,” said 70-year-old Brian Barnes. “Why? I just like it.

“If there’s a buffet on I’ll have a bit of the others but normally I just go for anything seafood.”

Mr Barnes was one of dozens queueing to get his lunch from St Annes Fine Foods yesterday, during the peak of National Sandwich Week – established by the British Sandwich Association to celebrate this 
national favourite.

Punters agree the shop, better known as Pickles, is the toast of the town for a fresh butty.

“This is an unusual one,” said Linda Deacon, 49, who’s worked as a ‘sandwich assistant’ at Pickles for 11 years.

“It’s beef, pate, cheese, onion, lettuce, mustard and horseradish.

“We get people wanting all sorts.

“We make whatever people want, we don’t judge, we just get on with it.”

Jam and cheese is regularly requested at the Garden Street shop, apparently.

“They look at you like you’re mad when you’re surprised by an unusual order,” added workmate Kath Thompson, also 49.

“A sandwich can be a really integral part of someone’s day, though.

“People get really hung up over what to have. We get people travelling in to get them, from Lytham and across Blackpool.”

Customer Elizabeth Thompson, 57, said she looks forward to working in St Annes just for the sandwiches.

She added: “I don’t often buy sandwiches but I love a Pickles.

“I just like an egg mayo – simple but sweet.”

Last year’s National Sandwich Week set out to show the benefits of two slices of bread filled with whatever you fancy – from healthy fillings to the importance of taking a lunch break.

“They’re just quick and easy and you can have something different every day,” said customer Stuart Morgan, 32, who favours a coronation chicken sarnie.

He added: “Sandwiches are a British tradition to be fair.”

Sandwich maker Mrs Thompson added: “I could live off sandwiches.”