Start-up airline in bid to fly from Blackpool

Bradley Gosney
Bradley Gosney
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A group of pilots are hoping to get airborne with a start-up airline company based at Blackpool Airport.

They have got together to fill the gaping hole left by the demise of Citywing in March last year for commercial air passenger services at Squires Gate.

The new company is Intercity Airways which is currently talking with investors and a European air transport service company to supply aircraft.

The idea got off the ground when Citywing’s flights to the Isle of Man and Northern Ireland had to end when its aircraft provider Van Air lost its UK operating licence.

Pilot Bradley Gosney, along with commercial pilot and flying instructor Paul Vernon, who runs flight school Flightpath Aviation Blackpool, are behind the plan.

Also on board is Paul Wane who has taken the role of strategy planing manager.

Bradley, 19, said: “A group of us have been talking about this since Citywing ended and left a huge gap in services at Blackpool.

“There has always been demand for a service between Blackpool and the Isle of Man and Ireland and it would be great to get commercial passenger services back.

“We are aiming to get a Saab 340 aircraft for the routes which could have onward connectivity to such places as the USA.

“Blackpool is ideal as it is as its small, friendly and convenient for passengers, an easier alternative to Manchester and has a large catchment area in this part of Lancashire.

“We would be flying to three destinations a day. The idea is to build up as demand grows. We have been in talks with Blackpool Airport and are talking to Dublin next week and hope to be in a position to launch in a few months to catch the end of the season.”

“We are also talking to someone who has extensive experience of the airline industry, someone who has set up household names and we are now looking for other investors to help us get the company up and running.”