Should there be a ‘Blackpool pound’?

Hugh Evans
Hugh Evans
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TRADING in the Queen’s coins and notes for a unique Blackpool currency could soon be happening at your nearest bank.

Business leaders say the Fylde coast should following in the footsteps of Bristol, Totnes and Brixton by introducing its own money to help boost trading among small firms.

The move stops the money from being spent in big retail chains and helps boost local independent stores.

Steve Pye, of the Federation of Small Businesses (FSB) branch in South Shore, revealed discussions to introduce a Blackpool pound had already taken place within his group before being re-considered.

He said: “This is a great idea.

“The economy is in a mess and if this if something which will create jobs and stimulate the economy then go for it because what damage is it going to do?”

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Hugh Evans, policy director for the North and Western Lancashire Chamber of Commerce, said it would take time to see if the plan worked.

He added: “This would help businesses whichbought into it.

“It’s unique but the key would be to see how it fares once it settles down and if it has encouraged local trading.

“A lot of businesses do support the idea of buying local and if a Blackpool currency makes it easier to do that then it’s got to be a good thing and I suspect Blackpool will do something similar.”

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