Schools join enterprise project

Steve Pye
Steve Pye
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Monday heralds the start of Global Entrepreneur Week that will initiate a large number of events to celebrate and share experiences of entrepreneurship worldwide.

It is important to note that there are around 3.8 million privately owned businesses around the UK, that were set up by people who wanted to operate their own Enterprise.

There is no qualifying criteria to become an Entrepreneur, no identikit or job description, other than seeking advice from people in business and accessing business support information on websites.

The importance of young people obtaining some experience of running their own Business, has long been recognised as a key initiative in Blackpool when operating the successful Hero Project.

Next week we will be promoting a type of “Son of Hero” project where the eight Blackpool schools currently participating in the new schools Enterprise Club initiative.

This has been supported by Blackpool Council and a “Not For Profit” company, 3E Partnership which is a community interest company, and for which I act as Chairman.

Each school will have to make a profit from a £100 outlay and have been given the task of putting together a plan of a business enterprise, such as selling cakes for example, that would make a profit by the end of the school year.

Schools have been assigned mentors and have been equipped with supporting tools that will help advise them in various areas such as finance and marketing.

Sustainability is the key and towards the months of May & June 2014, the students from Year 8 will be invited to join the Year 9 groups for handover and familiarisation meetings, in readiness for the following school year.

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