Rubbish welcome for resort visitors

Furniture dumped outside Howards Crest on the seafront.
Furniture dumped outside Howards Crest on the seafront.
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RUBBISH dumped outside a Blackpool hotel as tourists began flocking to the resort for the school Easter holidays is putting the town in a bad light.

That’s what a hotelier says after coming back from a trip away last week to find a two-piece suite dumped outside the derelict hotel next door.

Pauline Entwistle, owner of the Allandale Hotel on Promenade, said the rubbish outside Howards Crest would put people off coming to the area, especially when the hotel next to it was boarded up as well.

She said: “It’s Easter and the place looks like a dump.

“I had a coach party in for the weekend and they all asked what’s going on next door because it looks like a rubbish tip.”

Mrs Entwistle, 49, said she reported the suite to Blackpool Council when she discovered it on March 22, but because it’s on private land, the council is unable to remove it immediately.

She said: “Whether it’s private property or not, it’s still a derelict building and everyone’s going to see it.

“We’d move it ourselves, but it’s too heavy. We’re worried other people will see it and start dumping more rubbish in the area.

“This is very bad for Blackpool.”

Coun Fred Jackson, the council’s cabinet member for streets and transport, said: “We can understand the frustrations of business owners when buildings near to their own become unsightly and we always try our very best to help.

“In this case our teams have served notice on the property next door to the Allandale, which gives those responsible for the property seven days to remove the items in question. If they fail to do so we will have the legal authority to remove the problematic items with the charge for doing so being levied on the property owner.

“As we are sure Mrs Entwistle will understand, and while the timing of this particular problem is unfortunate, we cannot simply remove items from private property without the legal authority to do so.”

Claire Smith, president of Stay Blackpool, said it was a horrible situation.

“It’s just the sort of thing nobody wants to happen,” she said.

“It will get sorted, but unfortunately the cogs of the law turn that little bit slower than those especially in the private sector would like.

“It’s a shame when you have businesses that work so hard when something like this happens, it can feel like two steps forward, three steps back.

“It’s no good for the neighbours – or for the town.”

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