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Inventor David Boyle
Inventor David Boyle
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A Blackpool inventor’s revolutionary energy system is set to go global after being commissioned to build test rigs for firms from three different countries.

David Boyle has worked for more than 15 years on the system, which consists of panels which focus the sun’s rays onto metal tubes filled with water.

This heat can be harnessed to heat water or to produce steam which can be used to drive a generator to produce electricity.

Test rigs are set to be built at Mr Boyle’s factory in Cocker Street, North Shore, and sent to organisations in Afghanistan, Australia and Pakistan for further inspection.

The system has already been adopted by Lincolnshire company the Larkfleet Group.

Karl Hick, Larkfleet Group chief executive, said: “The solar steam rig provides an opportunity for investigation into a new method of low carbon energy generation and is just another example of Larkfleet’s commitment to innovation and energy efficiency.

“Larkfleet will use this as a research and development opportunity and hopes to gain a better understanding of the technology involved and its possible uses.”

He added: “This is very much a long-term project – we will trial the technology fully over the next couple of years before coming to any conclusions about the potential for future use.”

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