Proposal for more homes but fewer beds

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Developers behind hundreds of new homes in Thornton are seeking to add even more houses to their latest estate - but providing fewer bedrooms overall.

Barratt Homes is seeking a planning application from Wyre Council to build an extra 16 homes on land at Bourne Road, to bring the total number of new homes in the area to 285.

The developer has submitted a new planning application for 78 homes on an empty plot, to increase the permission which has already been granted to put 62 houses on the same area.

But the “re-plan” of the site would include changing the provision of properties on site meaning there would eventually be more homes but fewer bedrooms.

Previously the developers hoped to construct 62 homes, comprising 50 four-bed homes, 10t three-bed homes and one each of a two-bed and one-bed home – approved under a David Wilson Homes scheme.

Now Barratt Homes instead hope to build 78 properties, comprising only two four-bed homes and 76 three-bed homes, of nine different designs.

This changes the bed provision from the 233 approved to just 221 proposed.

Thornton Action Group (TAG), which has lobbied to ensure reasonable housing is created in the area, has said it feels this change in provision is a reaction to approval of another application to build large properties on nearby Bourne Way.

Howard Philips, from TAG, said: “This is an inevitable result of planning permission being given to 100 three-and four-bed homes on Bourne Way.”

The Group maintains it is vital for planning bosses to ensure developments do not put a strain on local infracstructure, including roads and schools, and that the loss of greenfield sites is not detrimental to communities.

Barratt Homes is now the sole developer on the site according to planning documents on Wyre Council’s website.