PROJECT UPDATE: Project to redevelop parts of Grange Park

Demolition at the Chepstow Road shops
Demolition at the Chepstow Road shops
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Empty shops torn down to make way for housing development

What is happening?

The Chepstow Road shops on Grange Park have been reduced to rubble.

Contractors moved onto the site to tear down the vacant buildings as part of the ongoing development in the area.

The shops have now been demolished and work is ongoing to clear the land.

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What is planned?

The shops were relocated to the @TheGrange as part of a wider project to redevelop parts of Grange Park.

The community centre, which relaunched earlier this year, was designed to offer a range of services to local residents.

They include a community farm and cafe, the library and spaces for groups to meet such as Cubs and Scouts and a dance school.Meanwhile the site of the former shops has been earmarked for future housing development.

Why is this being done?

When approval for the demolition work was granted last year, reasons given for the project included improving the facilities for residents.

A report to Blackpool Council said the work represents “a significant opportunity for re-development of a 4 hectare site immediately behind and adjacent to the City Learning Centre (now


Moving the shops has helped create a “community hub” in the area, while also offering employment and volunteering opportunities for residents.