Poulton salon warns on ‘greenwashing’

Joanna Taplin from Sunshine for the Soul Poulton.
Joanna Taplin from Sunshine for the Soul Poulton.
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A Poulton organic boutique beauty salon has lined up a week of treats to back a new national Organic Beauty Festival.

Sunshine For the Soul, which opened in December 2014, has teamed up with British organic spa brand, Pinks Boutique to support of Organic September, the UK’s celebration of all things organic.

The salon, which is nominated for a 2015 EVA business award, is hosting a special organic week starting on Monday with advice offers and prizes.

The message behind this year’s theme, ‘the Campaign for Clarity’, is to combat ‘greenwashing’ – the claiming of the organic tag by companies and products which are not truly organic

Joanne Taplin of Sunshine For The Soul (pictured) said that organic had become the buzzword in beauty for brands to use, but it did not always stand true.

She said: “Unlike organic food, there is currently no legal standard in place for organic beauty, although normal trading standards law should prevent false claims being.

“However, look along the beauty aisles and you can find products claiming to be organic with either tiny amounts or no organic ingredients at all.

“To label the whole product as organic when it only contains tiny quantities of organic ingredients is misleading to the consumer.”

She said real organic health and beauty products were free from the vast array of synthetically ingredients such as mineral oils and paraffinum.

She added: Organic beauty brands, such as Pinks Boutique, are certified by the Soil Association, the UK’s leading organic certification body, which recently highlighted the problem of products on the market which are mislabelled and are misleading consumers by claiming to be ‘organic’, ‘biological’ or ‘natural’, otherwise known as ‘greenwashing’”.