Poulton electronics firm celebrates 20 year anniversary

Andy Fitzer of Hitaltech UK which is celebrating 20 years in business
Andy Fitzer of Hitaltech UK which is celebrating 20 years in business
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A Poulton electronics components firm is celebrating 20 years in business and targeting a sales turnover of £3.5m.

Two decades ago, Andy Fitzer made the decision to boost his career progression and set up the UK branch of Hitaltech.

The former apprentice electronics engineer and sales manager had a vision of what an electronics components company could be – and he set out to achieve it with Hitaltech UK.

Over the following years, the firm, based at Sovereign Court, Wyrefields, has built its reputation for personal, tailored service and expertise in the connecting technologies and enclosures sector.

The business grew its staff to eight, serving a broadening market that now includes the automotive, industrial control, building automation and energy metering markets.

And it has just taken on a new member of staff, former Kirkham Grammar student Jack Walker, 22, an electrical and electronics engineer from Loughborough University who will work in internal sales before developing the business in the south and east of England.

Turnover at Hitaltech UK has risen consistently and is expected to continue rising steadily. Recently, a 60 per cent increase in warehouse space enabled the business to expand as it enters its third decade.

Managing director Andy Fitzer has recently graduated from Lancaster University with an MBA. Going back to school was, he says, the hardest thing he’s ever done.

His thesis was on the importance of strategic vision which he said was vitally important for small businesses even though it is sometimes difficult to raise your head above the day to day running of the company .

He said: “I was approached by Hitaltech of Belgium who were looking to set up in the UK.

“We deal with some big names such as Honeywell and have developed relationships over a long period so that we get involved in the design phase with their engineers. We get a lot of repeat businesses as a result.

“I’m hugely proud of what we’ve achieved in 20 years. We’ve created something our customers really value, and something that continues to grow.

“I think our experience shows that if you have the passion, dedication and vision – and the support of some terrific people – you can achieve anything.”