Postal fast tracking for SMEs

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Internet entreprenuers and power sellers can make use of a new fast track posting service launched this week.

Seventeen Post Office branches in the Blackpool area have launched Drop & Go, the new service that allows business customers to use a fast track pre-paid card to send their mail.

Drop & Go aims to be an efficient mailing option for small, local businesses that regularly spend more than £20 a week on postage.

Small business customers in the Blackpool area are now able to simply hand over their mail at the fast drop counter at these branches and swipe their pre-paid Drop & Go card.

The new service which is being rolled out in over 2,200 Post Office branches across the UK aims to save SMEs valuable time and is free to join.

Davyd Nash, Head of Post Office Small Business Mailing Services, said: “More than half of small businesses visit our Post Office branches every week.

“We want to make our services as easy to access as possible.

“This new service allows them to simply drop off their mail and leave it to the Post Office team to process.”

Further branches are expected to sign up to the service in the coming months.

More information can be found at simply select “Drop & Go”.

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