Pie boss rues game ‘error’

Shirley Begley at Shirley's Pies in Preesall
Shirley Begley at Shirley's Pies in Preesall
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An Over Wyre piemaker who was ordered by a court to destroy some of her game meat says it was a case of “misplaced trust.”

Shirley Begley, of Shirley’s Pies, admits not checking the licence of the company she was buying from thoroughly and says “it’s a mistake I won’t be making again.”

It comes after Wyre Council’s public health department successfully applied for the destruction of 2.5 kilos of game meat because it came from a company which is not registered as game handlers. It was found on a routine inspection of the premises on Hall Gate Lane, Preesall.

But Mrs Begley said buying the game meat was just an experiment and she has now completely disassociated herself with the company.

She said: “I’m a very passionate about my pies and always want to do the best for my customers so I was horrified when I found this out.

“I bought the game meat to see what it was like and handed it out to some friends and family but that was it, the pies weren’t sold to any customers.

“It was a case of misplaced trust as I thought they were a reputable comapny.”

Mrs Begley says she wants nothing more to do with the Lancashire business she bought the game meat from, which is currently being investigated by Wyre Council, and hopes her good reputation remains intact.

She said: “The meat supplied to make our pies is sourced from local businesses that have high standards of quality and preparation and I’d invite anyone to contact our suppliers to verify this statement.

“We use Honeywell Meats in Preston for our meat and other reputable local suppliers for everything else.

“I thought it would be a good thing to do to use a local game supplier but I should have checked they were registered and it’s a mistake I won’t be making again.”

Following the inspection, Blackpool Magistrates’ Court ruled Mrs Begley would have to pay £100 court costs and £25 towards the destruction of the game meat.

Now Mrs Begley hopes she can put the whole incident behind her. She added: “We’ve never had any complaints about our pies and I really hope people see beyond this isolated incident as we always operate to the highest standards of cleanliness and food preperation.”