Online presence is simply vital

Steve Pye, chairman of the Blackpool FSB branch.
Steve Pye, chairman of the Blackpool FSB branch.
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The internet is the fastest way of getting news and messages across the world.

The internet can reach a wide range of people, or just a small, special niche interested group, around the world via text and video.

So why are businesses still reluctant to promote their businesses online?

Up until June 2012, a survey by the Knowledgebase, in association with IMRG, the UK’s industry association for online retail, (see website, stated that 68 per cent of the UK population made purchases online.

This included tracking sales growth for a range of sectors as well as covering mobile, logistics, cross-border, social media and everything associated with selling online.

Other data from IMRG include:
• £78bn – value of the UK online retail market in 2012

• 300 per cent – growth of mobile-commerce in 2012

• €825bn – estimated value of the global B2C e-commerce market in 2012

• 80 per cent – percentage of Smartphone and tablet owners who use their devices while watching TV.

Now after those statistics were published, you can’t begin to imagine how those
figures have rocketed because of Christmas and the purchases of smartphones and tablets!

People are using them to purchase discount vouchers, clothes, groceries etc.

Businesses are going to have to adapt to selling and promoting online in addition to owning a retail outlet or renting an office.

If you can’t be found on a search engine, or do not have a Social Media presence, I will bet 10 of your local competitors will have, and they will take your business away!

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