Online aid to get Blackpool businesses growing

Kate Shane and the Strictly team on Blackpool Unlimited
Kate Shane and the Strictly team on Blackpool Unlimited
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A new campaign is aiming to show how lessons learned from helping stage Strictly Come Dancing can help small firms get on the road to becoming large businesses.

A new series of web pages on the Blackpool Unlimited site is offering inspiration and information to ignite entrepreneurial spirit with advice in a growth tool kit including funding.

It also aims over the coming weeks to present examples of expert practice and examples of the resort’s entrepreneurial spirit such as an interview with Blackpool Tower boss Kate Shane showing what it takes to delight a customer and keep the BBC’s Strictly team coming back each year.

Coun Fred Jackson, cabinet member for urban regeneration at Blackpool Council, said: “There are a lot of small and medium sized businesses in Blackpool who are coming out of the recession and are now ready to grow again. Blackpool Council offers advice and support, as well as handy hints, to boost your business and help increase revenue.

“The website, is a good starting point which provides a wide range of resources for any local companies looking to expand.’’ Simon Brooke, director of Happy Creative the Blackpool-based strategic marketing agency which is aiding the campaign, said the idea was to help businesses to focus on growth.

He said: “We have been helping the Get Started team and working with Blackpool Unlimited since last year. There is a real positive message to get out there about business growth in Blackpool and a lot of businesses are doing really positive things.

“The aim is to build a community of businesses and build a conversation share insights for mutual benefit.

“I think businesses have an opportunity to kick on in 2015 it could be a big year for Blackpool as a business town

“The interview with Kate Shane from Blackpool Tower about how they handle the visit from Strictly Come Dancing is a great read and also show what is involved in the scope of staging such an event.

“Businesses of all sizes put on events and this shows how a major event is organised and its benefit to the town and gives ideas of how events can benefit people’s businesses.

“Get Started has had so much success in getting people to set up businesses and this is the next phase taking it to the next level of having a growing business and growing business in general in the town.”