Objections flood in over 165 homes bid

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Controversial plans to build up to 165 new homes in Thornton have seen planners inundated with letters of objection.

The proposed development on Lambs Road has prompted a wave of letters from worried residents to Wyre Council planning officers.

By the time consultation closed last week, the council had received almost 600 letters of response, many of them opposed to the plans

Coun Kerry Jones, who represents the Staina ward on Wyre Council, said: “I am totally with the residents on this one – we don’t want to see that built on at all.

“It is the last bit of countryside we have got in Little Thornton. Everyone is so passionate about this and we 
really want to stop it.

“We don’t want the houses there. We haven’t got the 
infrastructure for a start.”

A Facebook group set up by residents trying to block the plans has 1,150 members.

Shortly after the plans were unveiled, residents called a public meeting that saw hundreds of people pile into St John’s Church.

Among the concerns over the development, residents have complained that 
local roads cannot handle the 
increased traffic building more than 100 new homes would bring.

Among the letters of objection received by the council, one resident wrote: “I am 
incredibly concerned that the character of this quiet, rural area with its close-knit 
village community will be overwhelmed by such a large-scale development.

“Both the development’s scale and design are at 
complete odds to the local character and would be 
detrimental to the area.”

A statement submitted on behalf of the developer, Wainhomes, said: “The proposals will result in numerous economic, social and environmental benefits resulting in the scheme representing sustainable development.

“The 165 dwellings proposed will make a valuable contribution towards reducing the significant and serious housing supply deficit and will result in the provision of up to 50 affordable homes, which will make a valuable contribution to the council’s housing need.

“The proposals could facilitate the wider area’s development in the future.”

The land is part of a site that has been earmarked for future development by Wyre Council as part of efforts to tackle the region’s housing need over the next 15 years.