New territories for training firm

Michelle Clarke of Talent Dynamics
Michelle Clarke of Talent Dynamics
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A BUSINESS development company has followed a successful year of growth in the UK with expansion into Asia and Africa.

And the boss of Freckleton-based Talent Dynamics is urging other successful business owners to take their products on the road to open up a world of new customers.

Managing director Michelle Clarke (pictured) spent most of September travelling the globe to engage partners who will create new outlets.

The specialist training company, that helps organisations harness the talents of their employees, has established new bases in Japan and South Africa.

The firm’s consultants use a profiling tool to help businesses reach higher levels of profitability.

Michelle said: “Business is booming for us because our clients need to leverage the talent they already have without incurring extra costs.

“Our strategies for ambitious businesses help them to develop an understanding of their team’s personality types and particular strengths, which releases the dormant talent within.”

The Talent Dynamics tour began in Tokyo with a prestigious launch at the British Embassy followed by two sold out events in Cape Town and Johannesburg where new performance consultants were recruited. Michelle even managed to lead a training event in London between the trips.

The move into Asia and Africa follows a successful entry into the Australian market earlier this year.

Michelle will return to Japan and South Africa during the winter to deliver workshops.

She added: “We were served sushi in Tokyo and went on safari in South Africa; it’s a great way to do business. My advice to other companies would be, if you have a successful formula that is working in the UK – take it on the road!

“Barring any cultural issues, there is no good reason why you can’t sell the benefits of what you do to the wider world.”

A spokesman for UK Trade and Investment, the Government department which can help UK businesses start up in new markets, said: “There’s never been a better time to trade internationally.

“And whether you’re completely new to exporting, have some experience, or are looking to expand a well established range of global markets and services, there’s always more you can do to increase your bottom line.

“And academic research confirms that exporting companies are more likely to stay in business.”