New routes to marketing success

Blackpool business leader Steve Pye tells it like it is
Blackpool business leader Steve Pye tells it like it is
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Businesses have been struggling through the worst economic crisis in 80 years, and having to find new ways of marketing their products and services.

Apart from Advertising, there used to be five main methods:-

• Direct Sales by Telephone

• Faxing

• Cold Calling - Knocking on Doors

• Direct Mail - junk mail through the letter box

• Spamming - Sending unsolicited and unwelcome junk emails.

Telesales is very difficult method to contact businesses or consumers because of legislation such as the TPS (Telephone Preference Service) where people register that they do not want uninvited sales calls.

There is also a similar service for preventing people from sending unsolicited faxes.

So in essence, no credible business would call or fax you unless you had first contacted them.

A lot of office blocks have intercoms, so unless the cold caller has an appointment, then they wont even get through the door to see or speak to anyone or more importantly waste anyone’s time.

The DMA (Direct Mail Association) have strict guidelines regarding the sending of unsolicited mail through the post.

Spamming is commonly used by crooks of gaining access to your computer and spreading harmful viruses - if in doubt - do not open any email if you do not recognise the senders name - Delete it.

The best 4 best methods of marketing your business would be:-

• By attending as many networking events as possible and swapping business cards

• Have an email opt in form on all your websites and videos.

• Social media websites Twitter, Facebook and Linked In.

• Advertising in local Newspapers (Blackpool Gazette!)

They are not expensive and you can build up your reputation and customers gradually.

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