‘Negligible number of Lights now out’ as Blackpool Illuminations workers replace display's bulbs

Some of the Lights that were out
Some of the Lights that were out

Illuminations workers have been working on a daily basis to replace the dodgy batch of bulbs shipped over from China, which led to complaints from Lights goers.

It was initially said that ‘between five and seven per cent’ of the world-famous display’s million bulbs were not working, but council bosses later clarified it was five to seven per cent of a certain type of LED bulb.

And a town hall spokeswoman said 900 lights have now been replaced free of charge by the unnamed Chinese firm – which has apologised for the faulty batch – with workers out in all weathers.

Fewer than 500 lights are now out, a number described as ‘negligible’ by a council spokeswoman.

Lights boss Richard Ryan added: “Such a low failure level is testament to the sheer hard work of the Illuminations team.

“We are delivering a first class display for both residents and visitors.”

Mr Ryan previously said staff were ‘aware of a small number of areas on the Prom that we are currently unhappy with’, but pledged: “What I can promise you is that we are devoting all of our available resources to repair them.”

The Gazette visited the Lights after a number of comments from readers and calls from hoteliers in the resort.

Mr Ryan said lights at North Shore were blowing after less than a year, when they should have a lifespan of around four years.

Future scope

Opposition leader at the town hall, Coun Tony Williams, said the Lights remain a ‘massive operation and cost a great deal’ of money, and said commercial partners and sponsors should be sought to bring in more cash.

He said: “There are some big companies that could advertise on there, and it could enhance the Illuminations.”

He described the faulty bulbs as a ‘disappointment’.