NATIONAL FISH & CHIP DAY: Fylde coast chippies offer a lot more than just cod and haddock

It's National Fish & Chip Day
It's National Fish & Chip Day
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Fish and chip shops across the Fylde are experimenting with their menus in order to offer a greater variety for customers.

Today is National Fish and Chip Day, however, you are likely to find items such as squid, calamari and swordfish on your chippy’s menu alongside the regular cod and haddock.

Granada Fish Bar manager Steve Lynton

Granada Fish Bar manager Steve Lynton

The new menus are also to help chippies compete with other takeways such as kebab and burger shops.

Chippies such as Yorkshire Fisheries are offering swordfish, tuna steak and halibut with The Sea Restaurant offering salt and pepper squid as well as luxury fish pie.

Steve Lynton, manager of the Granada Fish Bar in Fleetwood, said: “We try to offer a wide selection of fish to meet demand like cod, haddock, hake and plaice. We even offer John Dory when it is in season.

“Cod levels have become more sustainable so it is still the most popular. Haddock has become harder to buy because levels have dropped.

Harrowside Fish & Chips manager Sue Miller

Harrowside Fish & Chips manager Sue Miller

“We have planned ahead for today, however some chippies will have suffered because there is low stock of it.“Hake has become very popular because people have realised it is like cod but slightly sweeter.”

Steve also says that people don’t realise that fish and chips is the healthiest takeaway option available and it should be promoted more.

The average fish and chips is 595 calories compared to a burger with medium fries at 888 calories and a donner kebab at 942 calories.

The Gazette’s chippy of the year, Harrowside Chippy, say that their customers prefer cod and haddock despite trying different fish.

Manager Sue Miller said: “We have tried to do taster evenings and different fish of the days but our customers say they are not as good as our cod or haddock.

“We offer sustainable fish but we would consider trying other fish in the future if there is demand.”

JK Wan, manager of Ansdell Fisheries in Ansdell, said: “Young people are not as keen on fish and chips as the older generation are.

“We do serve a lot of young people but most of the time it is sausage and chips they want but Fridays are still popular for people wanting a fish supper.”