Motorists bitter at high petrol prices

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FYLDE coast motorists say they remain unconvinced by new findings into the price of petrol.

A report by the Office of Fair Trading says tax on fuel is the main cause of high prices at the pump, rather than profiteering petrol stations and supermarkets.

And garage owner James Jackson, of James Jackson’s Central Garage, on Albany Road, Fleetwood, says he has no choice but to put up prices as the cost of crude oil goes up.

He said: “We’re only a small independent petrol station and the price of buying has gone up four pence since the last time I bought it three weeks ago.

“So when I’ve used up my stock I have to put it up.”

Motorists at the pumps today gave their reaction to the report.

Mike Chappell, 62, who owns the Orlando Hotel, on Alexandra Road, South Shore.

He said: “Petrol prices are too high and it’s every week, I can’t keep track of it. As soon as something happens the price seems to go up immediately, it’s a joke.

“I don’t know why it’s different prices across the country either.

“It should be the same across the board.”

Ken Sharp, from King’s Road, St Annes, added: “They could be a bit lower but I just use what I have to.

“I blame the Government, I’m not a very big fan of David Cameron.”

Matthew Sinclair, chief executive of the TaxPayers’ Alliance, said people who blamed garage owners were unaware of the facts.

He added: “It has been clear for some time that the high cost of petrol in this country is simply a result of high taxes. Motorists are suffering with petrol prices which are so high.

“But it is politicians who need to give them a better deal with lower fuel duty.”

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