Marks and Spencer say Valentine's Day is all about the 'Love Sausage'

Marks and Spencer's Love Sausage
Marks and Spencer's Love Sausage
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Oooh-err Mrs! It's like we've been visited by the ghost of Frankie Howerd.

If you really love someone, what better way to show your undying affection than to say it with sausages?

M&S may have pulled off of the most bizarre social media stunt of the season with its cheeky post asking "Are you ready for our Love Sausage?"

And who wouldn't be, which the picture showing sumptuous sausage meat and fried eggs, complete with romantic tea lights and petals.

Some commentators on Twitter could be forgiven for thinking they had slept through February and March and woken up to April Fool's Day, and some declared M&S the winner of Twitter for the day.

You can get your own bacon-wrapped love sausage in stores from 8 Feb for £5.

Ooh-err, what would Frankie Howerd say?

Ooh-err, what would Frankie Howerd say?

And remember, it’s not just any love sausage, it’s an M&S love sausage.