Mapping town’s new trade route

Steve Lynton ( Granada Fish Bar ) 'Amanda Elliot ( Freeport ) 'Scott Davies ( Goal keeper Fleetwood Town) .
Steve Lynton ( Granada Fish Bar ) 'Amanda Elliot ( Freeport ) 'Scott Davies ( Goal keeper Fleetwood Town) .
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FLEETWOOD traders have welcomed a new signage aimed at showcasing the town’s attractions to visitors at Freeport shopping outlet.

And Fleetwood Town Football Club also backed the scheme, aimed at encouraging visitors to spend more on their trip to the historic port town.

The “Discover Fleetwood” signs were arranged by Steve Lynton of the Granada Fish Bar, through Fleetwood Chamber of Commerce, who funded the signs.

Mr Lynton said : “I felt there were too many visitors who came to Fleetwood and did not realise what the town has to offer, or in fact where other amenities such as the town centre, beach and football ground were located.

“It was extremely good of Freeport to help the town centre business’s with this project.”

Scott Davies, Fleetwood Town’s goalkeeper, added: “The signs are a great idea.

“They give the visitors plenty of information to see other part of the town. A great amount of people come to either Freeport or the market and don’t venture any further.

“Hopefully, this will help.”

Amanda Elliott, deputy centre manager at Freeport, said the centre wanted to work with traders to help highlight attractions

She added: “We know that people travel from across the North West to visit Freeport.

“Many of these shoppers aren’t aware of the treasures they can find in Fleetwood and we wanted to work with other local businesses to highlight these attractions and encourage our shoppers to visit places like the seafront, memorial park, Fleetwood museum and the football stadium.

“The new information boards are certainly a hit with shoppers. “I hope many will explore the town.”