Man gets Ikea tattoo to celebrate store opening

Matt Lee's Ikea tattoo
Matt Lee's Ikea tattoo
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A Sheffield man has taken his love of Ikea to a whole new level by getting a tattoo of the flat plan giant's iconic pencil on his wrist - to celebrate the opening of a new store in the city.

Matt Lee has been obsessed with the Swedish retailer ever since he was a youngster and has spent nearly £5,000 on products over the years.

Matt Lee with his Ikea tattoo

Matt Lee with his Ikea tattoo

The furniture giant has submitted plans to open a store in the Preston area. You can read about that here.

In a display of affection, he now sports a four-inch long tattoo of the franchise's engraved little brown pencil on his left wrist.

The 30-year-old, who works for internet provider, Plus Net, was persuaded to get the tattoo, which only took five minutes to draw, on August 15, while on a lads holiday in Ibiza.

The tattoo has so far divided opinion amongst family and friends - with his dad being the biggest critic of his latest ink.

Matt, from Sheffield, said: "I've always been a fan of Ikea.

"I was on holiday with the lads and we all started talking about getting tattoos.

"I'm always banging on about Ikea and one of my mates said I should a tattoo of one of the pencils.

"It was around 7pm at night, I'd had a few drinks but was definitely not drunk. It only took five minutes to finish.

"It's my third tattoo and it's definitely my best one yet. It's just a bit smaller than the life-size version.

"Everyone has laughed their head off apart from my dad who said I was an idiot."

Matt has been visiting Ikea ever since he was eight-years-old when he was first taken by his parents Tony, 56, and Sue, 57.

He said his house is a carbon-copy of an Ikea showroom, with an Ikea wardrobe, bedside cabinet, kitchen utensils, tooth brush holder, lampshade, lamps, pillows and bedding.

Matt normally braves the 40-minute drive down to his nearest store in Nottingham, East Midlands., four to fives times a year.

But he claims the number of trips will 'double if not treble' when a new store opens just seven miles away from his house on September 28.

Matt is holding out for an invite to the opening ceremony and has cheekily asked if he can cut the ribbon. I