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The Best Little Network: Clare Rawling
The Best Little Network: Clare Rawling
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A networking association set up to help women get ahead in business has reached almost 1,000 members.

The group is called the Best Little Network after its founder Clare Rawlings’ own business, the Best Little Picture House Company, which sells movie posters and memorabilia.

Clare set the group up after deciding she wanted a more relaxed and informal networking experience compared to what she was used to.

She said: “Initially set up the network with the intention of making it available to everyone and I must admit I did have a few nail biting times when our first few duplicates started to join. But, it’s worked amazingly well.

“I do stress to all of the ladies that we are set-up to support, inspire and share not to compete.

“We all agree that competition is healthy and a necessity in today’s market place.

“It is therefore key to understand who your competitors are and if you can work with them, then all the better.”

The group alternate meet-ups between morning and evening and change venues, utilising the members’ venues such as Sue’s Coffee Shop in Blackpool, Madhatters in Poulton, Wendy-Holland Fitness studios in Thornton.

Clare believes the group offers a more “collaborative approach” than what she has previously experienced.

She added: “Everyone in the network is so eager to learn and share best practice.

“But I always stress, online and at our meetings, that competition isn’t a bad thing and you should embrace it.”

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