Leading powers to self-regulate

Andy Pilley of BES
Andy Pilley of BES
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A NEW national group has been set up by a Blackpool business leader to regulate and improve the operations between commercial utility brokers, suppliers and clients.

The ‘Aggregators Forum’ has been launched by Andy Pilley (right), managing director of Bispham-based Commercial Power.

The group held its first meeting earlier this month with the support of almost all other aggregators, including Benjamin Dexter Ltd, Billscutter Ltd, Lourdes Associates Ltd, Commercial Energy Ltd, Utility Renewals, Commercial Utility Brokers Ltd, Business that Connects Ltd and Utilitywise Ltd.

These companies represent some of the main aggregators in the UK, which act as super brokers dealing with a network of smaller brokers.

As a group, they handle around 80 per cent of all new commercial utilities contracts written.

With no existing regulatory body, the Aggregators Forum has already gained full support from many of the largest licensed gas and electricity suppliers in the UK.

Mr Pilley, founder and managing director of gas and electricity aggregator, Commercial Power, said: “I decided to take the lead and to bring the key aggregators together, so we can improve the industry’s standards with a group effort by clear and effective self-regulation of our industry.

“It is vital that we team up with a joint mission to benefit and improve our sector. By the aggregators talking to each other, not only will brokers benefit but more importantly so too will the business owners who are taking out new utility contracts.

“It makes sense for us to do this and make sure we are all compliant, improve brokers’ training, listen to the providers, and develop best practice.”

The aggregators’ plan to provide a forum to discuss a number of changes to the market place that are being actively discussed.